Kite Repair, Sail Repair Maui

At Northshore Kite and Sail Repair we have more than 30 year of experience on Maui in sail repair and almost that much in kite repair. Fast, friendly and professional, we will do the job right! See our comments from Customers section,below
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How to Save Money on Kite and Sail Repair

1. Clean and dry your kite or sail, if we get a wet ,sandy kite or sail it's not a big deal for us to clean it for you, but that adds to the price , so if you want to save money , rinse in fresh water if possible and dry it. Even if you can't rinse it making sure it is dry and free of sand will save you money!
2. Take your battens out of your sails. It takes time to remove battens, that adds to the price , so removing the battens will save you money!
3.If your Leading Edge needs repair, the seam also needs to be opened for us to get inside to fix it, so if you are skilled with a seam ripper, (talk to your repair technician first to know exactly what to do) open the leading edge straight stitch seam a hands width on either side of rip will save you money!
4.Inspect your kites and sails often, finding rips and fixing them when they are small will prevent future large repairs
5.If your bladder is leaking, try to determine where the leak is. Finding "mystery leaks" in bladders is the most expensive kite repair so any info you can provide as to where it is leaking can save money. Pump up your kite , close off your valves and listen for air escaping. Don't take out your bladder before checking with me as often there is no need and  reinstallation is what costs you the most after looking for the leak.