Kite Repair, Sail Repair Maui

At Northshore Kite and Sail Repair we have more than 30 year of experience on Maui in sail repair and almost that much in kite repair. Fast, friendly and professional, we will do the job right! See our comments from Customers section,below
Call 808.. 283.. 6519 or email for pick up or estimate.

Do Your Own Repairs

Although we recommend sewing of all repairs, in an emergency small tears (less than 4 inches) in the kites canopy can be repaired without sewing. We recommend using Killer Strips, they are available here on the website at our "Store" or from me personally, call me at 808-- 283-- 6519 or email:

We also recommend Tear Aid for bladder repair repairs, available here  at our "Store" or from any Kite Shop in town or on the internet.

You can do your own bladder valve replacement, although they are a little tricky. You guessed it , you can buy the valves at our "Store".First open both inflate and deflate valves and disengage them from the velcro ,open the leading edge zipper and CAREFULLY pull as little of the bladder out as you can to ge to the valve that need replacing, ( you might also need to unhook the connector to the center strut). Before removing old valve, note its orientation, make a mark that shows what direction the valve faces, you want to get the new on on in the same direction. next follow the instructions on the valve package for cleaning and prepping bladder. Then it's time to apply the valve, it's very important to get these on right the first time so be careful. don't try to do this at the beach.  I recommend 2 people to do this job , but if you are handy, you may be able to figure out a way, (with clamps, etc) you can do it solo. The main thing is to have the bladder pulled out of the kite enough to be able to get it nice and flat so that there are no creases in the bladder under the valve ,(those WILL leak), but not so much as it causes your bladder to twist inside the leading edge, (that is really a nightmare) so be CAREFUL here. OK, you are almost there, 1 person can hold the bladder flat on the table (tape can help) , the other removes the backing from the valve and sticks it on, rub it on after you place it to remove any air bubbles. Then sprinkle some baby powder on the bladder CAREFULLY stuff the bladder back in the zipper opening, CLOSE ZIPPER, MAKE SURE YOU CLOSED ZIPPER, reconnect center strut.  Inflate your kite to about 50 % and check that the bladder is seated correctly, if all looks good inflate to 80%, then 100 %. Leave inflated for 45 min or so to make sure that there are no leaks from your new repair ,Good Luck! Karen