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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Recent Carnage

Well, this last month has been sorta a record of carnage,so many huge kite repairs! But Mike from the Big Island gets the prize for most damaged kite, (probably most damaged kite EVER), take a look at this one, his brand new kite!!!:



  1. Damn Karen.. And you still find time to teach.. You are a MACHINE!!!

    May I never have that happen to my Crossbow 0_o

  2. better kite than body, especially on the Big Island, sand? what sand Big Island is a big rock!
    We thought it was beyond repair, and it still looks good in the air, great job!

  3. Great job.... Dear Admin i want share a kitesurfing school website were kitesurfing lover lern how to launch kite wih proper instruction.